Training  Data Protection

Data Protection training frequently fails because users don't feel it's relevant to them. One size definitely doesn't fit all and using off the shelf products can be disastrously counter-productive. Our approach is to work with you to design a course that is anchored in the reality of your organisation's daily challenges. The result is simply training that works. 

Data Protection can't exist in isolation. It has to sit within the context of your organisation if it is to make sense to users. We will work with you to understand your challenges and ensure they're reflected in the training we provide.


We use videos and case studies to bring training to life. We exploit our broadcast experience to tell stories that resonate -- and we even make people laugh. We know our approach to training works because people tell us so.                           


Successful training is never a one off. We will continue to work with you to ensure courses deliver ongoing value. And we'll provide weekly updates so that you're aware of key developments as they happen.                                             

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