Training GDPR and Data Protection

Enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation began on May 25 2018. It introduced radical changes for any organisation handling the personal data of European residents -- and the definition of "personal data" is very wide.

Practical. Purposeful. Prepared. Data Protection isn't just about compliance, it's about putting good practice at the heart of the organisation. This course explains why Data Protection matters and how to build it into everyday conversation.                                                               

Managing change 

The concept at the heart of GDPR is privacy by design. It is the opposite of a box-ticking exercise. This course is tailored to your needs and built around the issues facing your organisation.



We know too much cybersecurity training is wasted. We've endured courses that throw out information in the hope it will stick. We have an absolute ban on jargon and we know our training works because people -- and the companies they work for -- tell us so.                       



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