Training  Team Awareness

We introduced this course as a result of requests from clients, and because of our belief that users should be seen as the strongest, not the weakest link. It aims to build a strong security culture inside a specific team. It looks at real world examples from the team's work and seeks to build security into its fabric.

We discuss real issues faced by a team and identify how to overcome them securely. The key to success is to ensure that everyone regards security as their responsibility. That means making people ready to call out risky behaviour.                          

Security by default

Too often, users are regarded as the "weakest link". If this is the starting point, then failure is almost inevitable. Successful cybersecurity means empowering users and ensuring they know how to keep themselves safe.                              

User involvement

If work and home life were ever separate, they're certainly not now. Part of cybersecurity success involves linking issues to people's everyday lives so that there is a holistic approach to staying safe that embraces life as a whole.     

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