We believe in the value of recognised standards as a way of ensuring your organisation is secure - and demonstrating this to your staff and customers. But we are also passionate about the need for these standards to be a benefit, not a burden. Complex certifications such as ISO27001 may be right for some organisations, but we don't recommend them as a starting point, The UK government has two excellent schemes which providely widely-recognised accreditations and give you an excellent foundation. You may also find that some customers require them as a condition to become a supplier.

Cyber Essentials

Government-endorsed and a great starting point for organisations. Cyber Essentials enables you to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to information security and data protection. It's lightweight, quick but it makes sure you have a secure foundation on which to build.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Building on Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus includes a vulnerability scan to test your organisation's internet-facing systems and devices. It's still a lightweight process, but it provides an excellent way to evolve your security standard and demonstrate this to your customers.


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