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Dec 27Location tracking | The UAE and a devious messaging app | The splintering internet | Facebook finally stops misusing phone numbers | First GDPR fine in the UK | The inherent racism of facial recognition platforms
Dec 20How Facebook tracks us | Password hall of infamy | Ring's security problem | Portable storage risks | EU data exports | Holiday phishing defence 
Dec 13UK election | Nightmare in the bedroom | Securing the second factor | Passport...Selfie...WiFi | Making passwords safer | Another GDPR fine in Germany
Dec 6The unstoppable rise of facial recognition | ICO talks tough on data protection fees | "Laser phishing" | FBI warns about smart TV risk | Renewed EU focus on tech giants | Cyber crime really does pay
Nov 29Preventing a digital dystopia | Twitter's account cull | Our information is not our own | German company fined for data retention | State-backed phishing | The state of fakery
Nov 22More Conservative election fakery | How to hijack a Twitter account | Apple tries a new approach | Disney+ accounts hacked within hours of launch | Ring doorbells condemned | Uniting against stalkerware
Nov 15A record year for data breaches | Facebook's camera snafu | Secret consumer scores | Sextortion gets smart | US border searches ruled unconstitutional
Nov 8Fake news and the UK election | The insider threat | Spanish broadcaster hit by ransomware | Phishing at 3-year high | Cyber threats in the next decade | Hacking smart speakers with lasers.
Nov 1The wider problem of spyware | Political advertising and social media | Mobile phone tracking | Online anonymity | Facial recognition and porn | The inherent insecurity of SMS
Oct 25NCSC plea to focus on the basics | InAction Fraud | Jail proposal for US data breaches | Smart speakers | The phishing lures we fall for | Creeping and peeking
Oct 18The continuing threat from ransomware | The paltry value of our stolen data | Tracking our viewing | Samsung's fingerprint snafu | Brexit and data transfers | Morocco's use of spyware
Oct 11Failing to react to the scale of cybercrime | Nation state surveillance | VPN warning | Securing authentication | Card skimming en masse | Why a router is not forever.
Oct 4The misconception of cybersecurity month | WhatsApp GIF risk | Courts rule for privacy | Disinformation for sale | Breaking PDF encryption | The scale of stalkerware | Jailbreaking iPhones
Sep 27Targeting communities | Supply chain risks | Securing the end user | GDPR compliance | Cloudflare's VPN solution | Google wins Right to be Forgotten case.
Sep 20Risky devices and spies in the home | Attacking SecureDrop | Credential stuffing | Amazon denies altering search results | Opposition to facial recognition.
Sep 13Security rethought | The truth about social media eavesdropping | BEC; a $26 billion business | Hacking humans | The problem with mobile phones | No-deal Brexit advice
Sep 6Smartphone security | SIM swap risks | Facebook phone number breach | Google fine | Fake social media profiles
Aug 30Shattering iPhone security | Highlighting the latest scams | Identifying Telegram users | Social media and the US border | Lessons from Capital One | Ransomware returns at scale
Aug 23Facebook privacy tools | LinkedIn | China's social media ban | Facial recognition | Inside business email scams | Scamming voice assistants
Aug 16Anonymity | Hacking cameras | Weaponising cables | GDPR timeframes | Facebook joins the listening club | Mobile hotspots
Aug 9GDPR wake-up call | Lock up your cellphone | Printer risks | Eavesdropping on Skype | "Warshipping" | More social media privacy issues.
Aug 2Capital One cloud calamity | Sextortion pays | More evidence of the mobile threat | Telegram fixes voicemail flaw | EU court rules on Facebook Like | What do to before paying for a pen test
Jul 26Facebook; short-term win, long-term problem | Swatting journalists | Lateral phishing | Citrix; why weak passwords matter | Coach, horses, anonymisation | Criminal ingenuity.
Jul 19Facebook's "egregiously inadequate" $5 billion dollar fine | More fake apps | The real risk of FaceApp | Failing to secure email | Slack password reset | Democracy under attack.
Jul 12The GDPR bares its teeth | FindSpy returns | Storage devices targeted | Malicious Android apps | Watching Netflix at work
Jul 5Border crossings | Cookie guidance | Cyber attack stats | Celebrity by the numbers | VPNs in Russia | Email threats
Jun 28Hacking telcos | Stalled progress on cybersecurity | A cautionary traveller's tale | Ransomware pays | Battle of the fakes | Revealing the value of personal data
Jun 21Basics | ICO cookie snafu | Traveller beware | Privacy | Fake domains | Facebook's currency ambitions
Jun 14China Telegram | Faker video | Privacy notices | Apple geniuses | Internet trends | Not so secure websites
Jun 7Privacy wars | YouTube and hate-speech | Social media risks | Unmasking identities | The risks of not updating | Half of property crime online
May 31End-to-end encryption | Facebook's fake video contortions | Huawei and consumers | New breaches | iPhone's nocturnal transmissions | Facial recognition goes to school
May 24Cyber warfare | A year of GDPR | Tracking WiFi on the Tube | Simple security works | Baltimore held hostage | Lending AI a hand
May 17That WhatsApp hack | Intel chip shock | Facial recognition | UK surveillance ruling | Cyber Essentials | Adobe orders cease and desist
May 10Maersk's lessons from bitter experience | Who's afraid of Huawei | Hacking kid-style | World password day | Lock up your social media accounts | How not to sell VPNs
May 3Google location tracking | Unhealthy collaboration | Cyber crime riches | Facebook under pressure | Weaponising vulnerabilities | GCHQ pledges increased cooperation
Apr 26A(nother) bad week for Facebook | Lessons from Mueller Report...and from the Dark Web | Facial recognition | DNS hijacking | Airbnb scam | UK porn block
Apr 12Lessons from a porn blackmailer | iPhone spyware | The scale of credential stuffing | Regulators circle Facebook | Listening in to Alexa. | ICO fines production company £120,000
Apr 5Policing social media | Facebook and email passwords | UK cyber survey | Hacking Bezos | Arab media targeted | Social media policies
Mar 29Attacking the supply chain | Huawei criticised | Microsoft urges social media action | Copyright in the EU | Cybercrime hits small businesses | Securing remote working
Mar 22Another dreadful week for Facebook | Russian phishing | Prioritising updates | Spyware in Mexico | Spearphishing; when + how | Who's afraid of freelancers
Mar 15Public cloud links | Marriott's lessons on due diligence | Password spraying | Cybercrime at scale |Email invalidation | Second-hand USB
Mar 8Your "private" Facebook | Impact of GDPR | China's threat | Egypt goes phishing | Passwords | Hacking humans
Mar 1More challenges for Facebook | Cyberwar at work | Thunderbolt and frightening | New cellular vulnerabilities |Data sharing/data theft | The business of cybercrime.
Feb 22Digital gangsters | Supply chain attacks | Spyware and venture capital | A case study from Venezuela | Labour lock down | Sophisticated phishing
Feb 15Data breaches | One strike counter-terrorism law | Firm sues scam victim | Email service destroyed | Cyber sovereignty | Very smart devices
Feb 8Apple: security, updates and the questions it faces
Feb 8Apple | GDPR awareness | Key threats | 3.5 billion credentials for sale | UK bulk surveillance
Feb 1Spy vs spy | Secrets of the UAE | FaceTime's eavesdropping bug | Facebook and Google's red faces | UK bank hit by cellular insecurity | IT professionals confess their sins
Jan 25GDPR bites | Compliance struggles | Nuclear Nest | Social engineering | Government surveillance | Avoiding jargon
Jan 4Some key issues for 2019 | Facebook tracking and Android | Router safety | Secure boot | Restricting connectivity

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